Angels, Barack Obama, and the Number

When deciding what kind of tattoo to put on your body, it’s important to remember that the symbol will remain for the rest of your life. Choose something that is beautiful, represents what you believe in, and is a design you won’t be ashamed for the world to see when you’re in a bathing suit. An angel tattoo fits all of these characteristics, so it isn’t surprising that these are some of the most popular tattoos out there. On a typical day at the beach, it’s not uncommon to see a substantial number of people with some kind of angel tattoo prominently displayed.

Traditionally, angels were entirely a religious symbol. In the stories of the bible, these heavenly creatures were sent down by God to transmit messages to mere mortals on Earth. Their actions and words could be both positive and negative-they were capable of good and bad.

Some of the millions of people who sport angel tattoos today reflect something of that original biblical sentiment, but many others simply like the design. Angels have come to represent something separate from religion. As a symbol, the angel is an overwhelmingly positive life force, and many people are excited to display this measure of happiness in the form of a tattoo somewhere on the body. 606 angel number

Many people also get angel tattoos placed on their body to commemorate the loss of a loved one. These tattoos are sometimes accompanied by “R.I.P.”, short for rest in peace. It’s also commonplace to see initials somewhere in the vicinity of the angel tattoo. The symbolism of this kind of angel tattoo is that the loved one is looking down from heaven, protecting those he cares about from above. With all of the uncertainty in the world, who couldn’t use a guardian angel?

The majority of angel tattoos appear on female’s bodies. There’s something inherently sexy about the angel. Perhaps it’s the possibility of sin; after all, Satan was nothing more than a fallen angel. Angels, therefore, represent the possibilities of straying to the dark side.

Today, there are a large number of different forms and styles of angel tattoos. In fact, there really is no limit to what an angel tattoo can look like. While some take the definite form of an old-school seraph from the bible, others are much more abstract. The typical “traditional” angel is beautifully suffused in light, wearing a white robe, and floating majestically on top of a cloud.

Another popular version of this tattoo is the “angel tattoo wings”, splayed across the entire back of the subject. These seem to flex like wings when the shoulder muscles are contracted. This way, you can really bring your tattoo to life.

It’s up to you to decide which style best suits your personality and taste. Angels represent quite a broad spectrum, and you can use them to express an enormous breadth of opinions and sentiments. Whichever design you decide on, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having a sexy, strong symbol adorning your body.

There are so many different tattoos to choose from. Everything from cross tattoos to angel tattoos . Whatever you choose your tattoo design should hold some sort of meaning for you. You shouldn’t pick it just because it looks cool.


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